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Date:      Sat, 27 Jul 2002 10:11:00 +0200
From:      Miguel Mendez <>
To:        "sagacious" <>
Subject:   Re: Peter heads back to M$FT WinBloze [integrate X]
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On Fri, 26 Jul 2002 22:35:23 -0400
"sagacious" <> wrote:


> As far as a DESKTOP goes. Even I don't see FreeBSD being a desktop.
> Because it is not. I have a windows box for my desktop. BSD is a
> server,

That, of course, is just your opinion :-)
My feelings are quite the contrary. Every computer I own runs some sort
of UNIX. I haven't used Windows since 98 came out. To be honest, I feel
much more at home with my KDE and fvwm-themes desktops than with
anything Microsoft I've tried. IMHO, KDE3 makes a hell of a desktop, as
good if not better than other offerings. Some apps are as good or better
than Windows equivalents. (Can you say Mozilla + BannerBlind? :)

> and some savvy hackers do like it for a desktop, and they do fine
> also. I occasionally like to startx. But I cannot live in it. When
> Redhat linux came out it wasn't so bad. Then they added all this crap
> in it for the pinheads. Now look at it. It's a POS. I hope FreeBSD
> doesn't make it any easier. That's all we need is a corrupted userbase
> like linux. 

Sorry, but this is total BS. Making things easier is not bad. Perhaps
you're thinking that it's bad because of the Windows registry, but
having plain text config files that you can modify with both <insert
fave text editor> or a GUI app is the way to go. For geeks and hackers
it may be a lot of fun tweaking and learning about the system, but the
other 95% of the computer users just want to get the job done (TM).

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        Of course it runs NetBSD!

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