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Date:      Fri, 5 May 1995 22:55:22 -0700 (PDT)
From:      Howard Lew <hlew@genome.Stanford.EDU>
Subject:   httpd 1.3 setup problem
Message-ID:  <Pine.SUN.3.91.950505224911.28111F-100000@vegemite.Stanford.EDU>

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Hi!  I'm having a problem compiling NCSA's httpd 1.3.  It chokes and 
stops with the following errors.  Can anyone help me?  

Thanks in advance guys!  I'm using the NetBSD defines...  I had to also 
strip a space off of line 17 in the default Makefile because gcc seems to 
have a problem with spaces in blank lines.
paradise: {29} ls
CVS             http_auth.c     http_get.c      http_post.c     httpd.c
Makefile        http_config.c   http_include.c  http_put.c      httpd.h
http_access.c   http_delete.c   http_log.c      http_request.c  rfc931.c
http_alias.c    http_dir.c      http_mime.c     http_script.c   util.c
paradise: {30} make
gcc -c -g  http_config.c
gcc -c -g  httpd.c
httpd.c: In function `standalone_main':
httpd.c:163: warning: passing arg 2 of `accept' from incompatible pointer 
gcc -c -g  http_request.c
gcc -c -g  util.c
util.c: In function `get_remote_logname':
util.c:784: warning: passing arg 2 of `getpeername' from incompatible 
pointer type
util.c:786: warning: passing arg 2 of `getsockname' from incompatible 
pointer type
gcc -c -g  http_dir.c
gcc -c -g  http_alias.c
gcc -c -g  http_log.c
gcc -c -g  http_mime.c
gcc -c -g  http_access.c
gcc -c -g  http_auth.c
gcc -c -g  http_get.c
gcc -c -g  http_post.c
gcc -c -g  http_script.c
gcc -c -g  http_include.c
gcc -c -g  rfc931.c
gcc -c -g  http_put.c
gcc -c -g  http_delete.c
gcc  -o httpd http_config.o httpd.o http_request.o util.o http_dir.o  
http_alias.o http_log.o http_mime.o http_access.o http_auth.o  http_get.o 
http_post.o http_script.o http_include.o rfc931.o  http_put.o 
http_auth.c:89: Undefined symbol `_crypt' referenced from text segment
*** Error code 1


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