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Date:      Mon, 30 Sep 1996 02:14:27 +0300
From: (Petri Riihikallio)
Subject:   IP forwarding not working
Message-ID:  <v01530502ae74afc6acab@[]>

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I have FreeBSD 2.1.5R running on a box connected to Ethernet w/ed0 and Internet
w/ppp0. The box talks fine to both interfaces.

The problem is that I am trying to forward packets between the interfaces. I
have tried with the sysctl setting in sysconfig. I have built a kernel with
GATEWAY option. I have tried IP Firewall with an "allow any to any" rule and a
more restrictive ruleset. The firewall works but it won't forward trafic.

I am aiming at a filtering router, but at the moment it is too secure.

I have searched the FAQ and Handbook but didn't find anything new. I did find
some similar problems in mailing list archives but I didn't find any useful

The solution could be something simple I have overlooked. I know a bit about
Unix but I don't have much experience at administration. If you can help me
then please drop me a note.



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