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Date:      Thu,  4 Apr 96 15:08:00 +0000
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Subject:   Re(2): panic in latest -stable rev
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> That fixed the panic.  New problem - all "tty" traffic to the console
> locks up after a while.  This is weird.  I can stil do mouse things,
> open xterms, but you just can't type into an xterm window or any
> other text box.  After killing the session, which restarts the server,
> xlogin wouldn't take typing as well.
> I was able to telnet in from another machine.

I also had trouble (now resolved) bootstrapping -stable, but I fell in the trap the other way round: I did the make world first.

I started from a 2.1R installation, applied the ctm patches for -stable up to date (this was last saturday), and left a make world running overnight.  This worked OK, but unfortunately before I got to it the next day to build a matching kernel, someone else had booted into DOS.

Upon rebooting with the 2.1R kernel, it would come up and allow logins if you got in quickly, but about 60 seconds after booting it would latch up, such that keys were still echoed, vtys coulds be switched etc. but no input was processed.  Attempts to telnet over Ethernet would connect but similarly would not give a login prompt.  So far as I know, I wasn't using any LKMs (I didn't have MSDOS filesystems mounted, and while the fstab did contain a couple of NFS mounts, the 2.1 kernel should have had static NFS in it.

Fortunately, if I booted single user it would run (aparrently) without limit, so I was able to build a kernel, and once I had matching kernel and binaries all was well.

So there seems to be no safe order for bootstrapping into -stable.  This isn't a problem, once you work out what to do, but may explain some reports of "stable isn't".

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