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Date:      Sun, 27 Feb 2011 15:48:05 +0200
From:      Dan Naumov <>
Subject:   using freebsd-update to update jails and their host
Message-ID:  <>

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I have a 8.0 host system with a few jails (using ezjail) that I am gearing
to update to 8.2. I have used freebsd-update a few times in the past to
upgrade a system between releases, but how I would I go about using it to
also upgrade a few jails made using ezjail? I would obviously need to point
freebsd-update to use /basejail as root which I assume isn't too hard, but
what about having it merge the new/changed /etc files in individual jails?

I've also discovered the "ezjail-admin install -h file://" option which
installs a basejail using the host system as base, am I right in thinking I
could also use this by first upgrading my host and then running this command
to write the /basejail over with the updated files from the host to bring
them into sync? I still don't know how I would then fix the /etc under each
individual jail though.

- Sincerely,
Dan Naumov

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