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Date:      17 Apr 1995 15:48:01 +0200
From: (Frank Bartels)
Subject:   Re: no cursor with FreeBSD 2.0 (CD) and Trident mono VGA
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John Lind ( wrote:

> On an installation of FreeBSD 2.0 on a system with a Trident monochrome
> VGA adapter, there is no cursor when the cursor position is not the top
> line of the display.  This makes certain tasks, such as editing with 
> "vi", a little more challenging than usual. :-)

I have a Trident tvga 9000 and there is no cursor with syscons, too.
I use pcvt and everything works fine.

I have an exotic MDA (NOKIA) here, and with syscons everyting after
"loading kernel" is *white* on *white*. Installing FreeBSD there is
nothing compared to a vi without a cursor. ;)

Again, pcvt works great on this MDA. All you have to do is building a
kernel with pcvt instead of syscons, copying the pcvt termcap to
/etc/termcap.small on the boot floppy. But sysinstall does not copy
/etc/termcap.small onto the hard disc, so the reboot will fail. If you
find a way to copy the file onto the hard disc (which is not that
easy at this time), the installation goes on...

My vote: Throw syscons away and make pcvt the standard display driver
for FreeBSD.

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