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Date:      Wed, 11 Sep 96 11:47:51 +0200
To: (Paul Hourmouzis)
Message-ID:  <>
In-Reply-To: Message from (Paul Hourmouzis)  of Wed, 11  Sep 96 17:30:43 PDT.

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> Dear Sir,
> I have recently purchased FREEBSD from Walnut Creek CD ROM.
> Having successfully installed it, I am now installing the software
> applications tht came with the two CD ROM discs.
> I have chosen DEVELOPER as a install set with XFree86, which, according
> to sysinstall takes approximately 60MB of storage space.
> I have a 1.2 GB HDD, however, on attempting to install some of the
> software, sysinstall informs me that there are errors. (It actually skips
> out of sysinstall and continually gives "write failure" messages, as if
> the hard disk is full!!
> This cannot be the case as I have just installed a few peices of
> software??
> Any ideas on what is causing the problem??
> Can I install software onto another mounted device? If so, how??
> Can I use the PORTS collection to reduce the installation??
> I am a novice when it comes to installation of UNIX, however I do
> consider myself a professional at installing and configuring other
> operating systems.
> Please help. Any assistance is appreciated.

I'd say you're running out of space in /tmp. Try doing "df /tmp" and
see how much space is free. You may have to link /tmp to a location
with more space.

Gary Jennejohn				(work)

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