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Date:      Wed, 03 Jan 1996 14:20:48 -0800 (PST)
Subject:   Yet Another Question (tcp-ip services)

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Thanks everyone for helping me with the default shell changing question.  I
definitely know how to take care of that from now on. :)

Now, I have another question.  My system right now is not connected to any
network, though normally it is connected to a 10BaseT Ethernet Network with a
connection to the net (College Network).  So even though I am not connected,
when I installed FreeBSD I specified default IP addresses such as DNS, Router,
and my own IP address - I know these by heart.  Now <ahem> ;) when I was
running Linux, if I started the system up without being connected to the
network, no proglem.
BUT, when I start up my system - the first thing wrong is that when it boots it
freezes during a point where it states the IP address I gave it and the
netmask.  Is it here trying to resolve net addresses with the DNS?

Anyway - so then also during the boot-up, when it tries to start the sendmail
daemon it again freezes.  Both times I ^C to continue.  After the system is up,
I can not run pine, only "mail".  Pine freezes.  Furthermore, I can not telnet
to my own machine by either typing
a) telnet
b) telnet localhost
c) telnet

All three times it freezes and I have to ^C.

Finally, as another newbie question, does the MH mail handling system operate
as a replacement for sendmail, or is it an addition to it?

Thanks again everyone.

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