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Date:      Fri, 01 May 2015 19:37:26 +0200
From:      Christian Baer <>
To:        FreeBSD Questions Mailing List <>
Subject:   Frustration with GnuPG (getting it to work)
Message-ID:  <6813095.CYIGPqOIyp@falbala>

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Good afternoon everyone!

This post will probably end up being a little long. As you have probably 
noticed, I tend to read and try a lot before I post on the list. :-)

A few days ago I installed gnupg [gpg (GnuPG) 2.1.2 libgcrypt 1.6.3]. 
Generating a few new keys (for work, personal use and playing around) was 
pretty trivial and worked fine on the command line (--full-gen-key) and with 

However I cannot get gnupg to work either in KMail or Claws. Let's start with 

In KMail I cannot find any otions to point to gnupg or gpg. The settings under
identities -> $NAME -> cryptography do find my keys for OpenPGP, so something 
does seem to work. :-) However, when I try to decrypt a message, I just get 
this (formatting lost):

Encrypted message
This message is encrypted.
Decrypt Message
End of encrypted message

And when I click "Decrypt message", I get this:

Encrypted message (decryption not possible)
Reason: Crypto plug-in "OpenPGP" could not decrypt the data.
Error: Decryption failed
Could not decrypt the data.
End of encrypted message

I am not asked for a passphrase. This message is displayed in the regular 
message place, after a very short delay.

After quite a bit of ulilizing a search engine, I activated the gpg-agent. 
This is my current gpg.conf (compressed):

  keyserver  hkp://
  debug-level basic
  log-file socket:///home/christian/.gnupg/log-socket
  display-charset utf-8                                                                                                        
  keyid-format 0xlong
  personal-digest-preferences SHA512 SHA384 SHA256
  default-preference-list SHA512 SHA384 SHA256 SHA224 AES256 AES192 AES\\
    CAST5 BZIP2 ZLIB ZIP Uncompressed
  verify-options show-uid-validity
  list-options show-uid-validity
  cert-digest-algo SHA512

During this searching and reading, I found a lot of stuff that was probably 
outdated. At least I assume as much because the options in those howtos or 
articles just don't exist in my KMail. What all seem to agree upon is the 
usagte of pinentry. On my computer only pinentry-tty is installed. In the 
ports there is a pinentry-qt, but there does not seem to be a precompiled 

root@falbala:~ # whereis pinentry-qt4
pinentry-qt4: /usr/ports/security/pinentry-qt4
root@falbala:~ # pkg install security/pinentry-qt4
Updating FreeBSD repository catalogue...
FreeBSD repository is up-to-date.
All repositories are up-to-date.
pkg: No packages available to install matching 'security/pinentry-qt4' have 
been found in the repositories

Ok, so I thought I'd just compile it myself. What are the ports for? That did 
not go well either:

root@falbala:/usr/ports/security/pinentry-qt4 # make
===>  pinentry-qt4-0.9.1 does not compile with libc++.
*** Error code 1
make: stopped in /usr/ports/security/pinentry-qt4

The gtk2-version complains that I do not have libiconv>=1.14_8 installed. But 
since I am pretty much using KMail most of the time (as part of Kontact which 
I use together with a Kolab account), the qt4 version is the one of choice - 
IMHO. So I did not investigate this any further.

Then claws came into the picture. I know this client very well and would 
probably use it and not KMail, if Kontact didn't have the nice integration of 
the calendar and address book for use with Kolab.

With claws I can't get GnuPG to work either. There are no options to set. 
GnuPG should be controlled via a plugin. There don't seem to be any installed. 
The GnuPG plugin I cannon find in the ports tree. The Claws Mail website 
stated that the required plugin should ship with the client. I installed Claws 
as a precompiled package.

As you can probably imagine, I am a little frustrated right about now, because 
the hassle of getting GnuPG to work is getting a bit too big for my taste - 
especially since this should be a relatively trivial task.

Can someone please give me a push in the right direction so I do not have to 
torture my search engine any further and read gigabytes of outdated text?

Thanks and best regards!

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