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Date:      Wed, 28 May 1997 10:55:15 +0100
From:      Nik Clayton <>
Subject:   Pasting from rxvt to Netscape - core dumps
Message-ID:  <>

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Has anyone had problems under X cutting text from an rxvt window, and
pasting it into Netscape's Open URL dialog? I can get this to core dump
with monotonous regularity.

But cutting from rxvt, pasting into an xterm, and then cutting from the
xterm and pasting into Netscape works with no problems.

FWIW, this is with 

    rxvt v2.09
    Netscape 3.0
    XFree86 3.2 on a Diamond Stealth with the S3 server, running at 16bpp

Unfortunately I don't have any other Motif binaries, so I don't know if this
is a generic problem between rxvt and Motif, or just Netscape.

It's not exactly a serious problem, but I'm curious as to whether anyone
else has experienced it.

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