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Date:      Tue, 26 Sep 2006 10:29:34 -0500
From:      Derek Ragona <>
Subject:   Re: Creating New Users over Telnet/SSH
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You can gather the information with a shell script and send the arguments 
to pw which you can run via sudo.  However you will need to replace the 
normal process running the login (telnetd or sshd) and pass the login 
information to that daemon or create a new user depending on the input data.


At 12:38 AM 9/26/2006, John Cruz wrote:
>So a friend of mine is interested in creating a FreeBSD telnet/SSH box for 
>people in his networking class to screw with. He said he wants to do 
>something like what happens when you telnet into
>sdf.* *and if you're a new user you just type new and go from 
>there, but I've never done this or looked into it, so I was wondering if 
>any of you had any ideas on how to do this.
>User telnets to the server. if they have a username and password, they put 
>it in. If they don't, then they are taken to a place where they can create 
>a new account (on lonestar, it says it's taking you to a "NEWUSER mkacct 
>server" to do this then asks me to put in FEP commands for creating shell 
>It gives you the options and disclaimer and such and you have to agree 
>then choose a username.
>Then it asks you more questions like zip code and password and such and it 
>finally creates your user account, you can then log in to the system.
>Lonestar is using netBSD, we are going to use FreeBSD 6.1
>Any info on how to accomplish this is greatly appreciated.
>-John Cruz
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