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Date:      Fri, 29 May 1998 13:00:53 +1000
From:      Sue Blake <>
To:        "Ian O'Friel" <>
Cc:        freebsd-newbies@FreeBSD.ORG
Subject:   Re: PPP
Message-ID:  <>
In-Reply-To: <000201bad8cb$4976e7c0$06e107c3@metallica>; from Ian O'Friel on Mon, Jan 01, 1996 at 02:51:13PM -0000
References:  <000201bad8cb$4976e7c0$06e107c3@metallica>

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On Mon, Jan 01, 1996 at 02:51:13PM -0000, Ian O'Friel wrote:
> Hey can anyone help.... is the place to ask for help, but sometimes
it's good to came here first. While we can't give you answers, we can
point you to where you could find them by yourself.

> I am trying to set up a Dial-Up Connection to my ISP using FreeBSD

(Sorry, your lines didn't wrap and disappeared right off my screen)

Have you found all of the manuals and guides and tutorials for ppp yet?
If you haven't, you're making it really hard for yourself :-)

Your best idea is to go to where you can
find links to everything to do with ppp that you could want. Closer to
home, try typing 'man ppp'. It's not at all like other man pages, you'll
be pleasantly surprised. This man page goes step by step through
everything you have to do. There's also a tutorial on the FreeBSD web
site, but this too can be found by following the links from the ppp page
mentioned above.

For more information on getting help in general, and before writing to
freebsd-questions, look at our "First Aid Kit"

Also before you write to freebsd-questions, you might like to configure
your mailer a bit more. Apart from the lines not wrapping, the date isn't
right. Either of these things could cause your plea for help to be missed
by someone who would otherwise have been very helpful.

I hope you find some of this info useful. Let us know if you have any
adventures to report :-) We've all been through the ppp puzzle, though
some of us (here I avoid the mirror) only have a dim memory of it and
still run ours with fingers firmly crossed. At least now we have a one
stop shop for all of the documentation and tips.

Oops, I see you also sent this to freebsd-questions. You'll get a
different type of answer there.



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