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Date:      Thu, 12 Oct 95 16:24:07 CDT
From: (Derek Laufenberg  x7-4534)
Subject:   Re: Memory required 4M or 8M
Message-ID:  <>

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Julian said:
> 2.0.5 required 4M
> 2.1 will run on 4M but the install floppy will require 5M :(
> (beta works with 4M but fails for some people..)

Hmmm.  I tried to install 2.05 on three different machines 
each with  only 4M and the install fails.  I never see the 
"Uncompressing kernel" message.

I added 4M of memory to the machines and did the install just fine.
I was using the boot.flp that is on the 2.05 CD-ROM for these installs.

Didier said:
>I think that to apreciate the power of FreeBSD
>16Mb is a minimum
>(I have 24 Mb)
>Didier Derny 

I agree.  I use 16 & 20 for my machines. This box I was trying to
do the install on will never see X or very much use.  Its just being
used as "glue" between an ultrasound machine and the rest of the

Derek Laufenberg

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