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Date:      Mon, 13 Aug 2012 08:08:33 +0100
From:      Jamie Paul Griffin <>
Subject:   Re: Firefox 14.0.1 won't build under 8.3 on amd64
Message-ID:  <>
In-Reply-To: <20120813054152.26495.qmail@joyce.lan>
References:  <20120813053621.24629.qmail@joyce.lan> <20120813054152.26495.qmail@joyce.lan>

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== John Levine wrote on Mon 13.Aug'12 at  5:41:52 -0000 ==

> Oops, it's 14.0.1 I'm trying to build. is what I have installed now.
> In article <20120813053621.24629.qmail@joyce.lan> you write:

did you select the option to use optimised CFLAGS when you run make
config in the port directory?

I remember I had this problem on 8.2 earlier this year/last year and
deselecting that option made it build. I don't know if that has been
fixed/changed since I built that port and it was for an earlier version
of firefox. I recall the same was true for Thunderbird at that time. You
try that first?

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