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Date:      Tue, 7 Feb 2012 07:03:50 -0500
From:      Henry Olyer <>
To:        FreeBSD Mailing List <>
Subject:   on hammer's, security, and centrifuges...
Message-ID:  <>

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So I was coding along...

On my laptop, on session #1, and I get a notice that someone did an su.
 Except I'm the only user and I didn't have an ethernet cord connected.
 (And no, it wasn't me...)

I just built this laptop a few days ago.  Fresh.  I did have to get on the
net to download/make/install a few critical packages.  I do development.
 And research.

My guess, not one shred of evidence, is that someone got in while I was
re-building packages.  Some, (for example Maxima,) take hours.  And because
of problems with gnuplot and pdflib, won't build as packages without

Look, I'm going to use FreeBSD as long as both it and I am around, it's
just the best choice for me, for my user's.  But we need to improve

I'm not a security expert, my work is in another area.  But I would like to
suggest that the FBSD be enhanced so that each load module, each compiled
program, contain a DSA-based public key.  Yes, this would make installing
and maintaining systems an all-day run.  But some of us need a higher
degree of security than is presently available.

For now, until I remake my laptop, I'm going to disable the ath0 wireless.

How?  What's the best method to make certain that my wireless chip is
turned off?

Or is this something best accomplished with a hammer?  Not a pleasant

(Oh, and centrifuges?, well two out of three isn't bad.  About centrifuges
I got nothing.)

Is their something I can do that would help the FBSD security people?, or,
is hacking so routine that it wouldn't help to know the particulars.

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