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Date:      Thu, 30 Jun 2011 00:12:47 +0000
From:      "Dieter BSD" <>
Subject:   Attempting to get an X11 server running
Message-ID:  <>

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FreeBSD 8.2
packages: packages-8.2-release
Dell ST2220T (1920x1080)

"Xorg -configure" generates an xorg.conf file that somehow
puts it into 1280x1024 mode and the monitor refuses to use it.
I haven't found a way to get the full modeline info for whatever
it is actually putting out.  xdpyinfo just gives the resolution,
not the timing data.  I have not found a way to force it to use
a modeline of my choosing, it appariently just ignores modelines
added to the config file.

"Xorg" puts it into 1400x1050 and the monitor accepts it.
I can start a window manager and start an xterm window
(from another terminal).  But it does not listen to the
keyboard or mouse.

dbus seems to run ok, no errors observed.
hald starts up but complains and dies:

hald[61843]: 13:03:42.634 [E] ck-tracker.c:376: Error doing GetSeats on
 ConsoleKit: org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.ServiceUnknown: The name
 org.freedesktop.ConsoleKit was not provided by any .service files
hald[61843]: 13:03:42.634 [E] ck-tracker.c:820: Could not get seats and sessions
hald[61843]: 13:03:42.634 [W] hald_dbus.c:5881: Could not initialize
seats and sessions from ConsoleKit

google found
which suggests using moused instead of hald.  moused runs,
but I think I have to get Xorg to use a config file to set
  Option "AllowEmptyInput" "off"
  Option "AutoAddDevices"  "off"
so that it will work without hald.

Question 1: why does "Xorg -configure" create a config file
that doesn't work the same way as just running "Xorg" ?

Question 2: how do I get a usable config file?

Question 3: how do I get complete modeline info for what
it is currently running?

Question 4: how do I force it to use a specific modeline?

Question 5: how do I get hald to work?

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