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Date:      Thu, 06 Oct 2011 16:35:58 +0400
From:      Oleg Strizhak <>
To:        "Alexander V. Chernikov" <>
Cc:        "Andrey V. Elsukov" <>,
Subject:   Re: ipfw nat drops icmp packets from localhost
Message-ID:  <>
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=FA=C4=D2=C1=D7=D3=D4=D7=D5=CA=D4=C5, Alexander V. Chernikov!

=F7=D9 =D0=C9=D3=C1=CC=C9 06.10.2011 15:16:

>> ...
>> svn diff -c 223835 svn://> ~/r223835.diff
>> Can you try the patch attached (just to be sure) ?
> sure, I can =3D) I'll try and then drop you a line about the results.
>> This is exact situation from this (and some related PRs) and this
>> revision definitely fixes it.
> Sounds promising! Hope I've missed or neglected something, and that'd h=

Thanks for you help once more! Now all goes as it have to; obviously=20
that's my fault on the previous run. I suppose, wrong kernel is the most=20
probable cause of that -- I've upgrade the system at that time. Sorry=20
for wasting your time =3D(

But now I wonder why this patch isn't in RELENG_8_2 branch already? As=20
far as I can see it's in RELENG_8 only. The bug seems to be widely=20
occured and easy to catch, especially when moving to ipfw nat from=20


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