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Date:      Sat, 11 Mar 1995 09:17:37 -0800
From: (Richard A Childers)
Subject:   Re:  installing additional packages
Message-ID:  <>

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Jan Erik Backlund inquires :

"I installed the bindist and now want to install the manpages and who 
 knows what else. In the INSTALL guide, there is a reference to 
 /sbin/sysinstall.  This file is not present on my system.  

( I believe I saw a suggestion somewhere that, just before rebooting, at
  the end of the installation, that one should preserve one's .profile in
  the /root directory, as this .profile contains the functionality which
  translates into the menu-driven "sysinstall" program. )

"Suggestions appreciated."

Here's what you do ( as "root" ) :

	(1)	copy installation files manpages.aa -> manpages.xx
		into /usr/tmp or other large filesystem workspace.

	(2)	copy additional files CKSUMS and *.sh files into the
		aforementioned workspace.

	(3)	run the shell program to unpack it :

		# cd /usr/tmp
		# sh ./

	(4)	tar the result into place ( this changes according to
		the package and should probably be documented ) :

		# cd /usr/tmp
		# tar cf - ./man | ( cd /usr/share ; tar xvf - )

		( This uses the location of "manpages" as an example,
		  and should not be used as an absolute for all packages. )

This is based on having tried the menu-driven interface and giving up and
falling back on something I probably read in the FAQs, when I was
wrangling with X. ( Still am. :-)

A caveat : I seem to recall there being a variable called DESTDIR that was
mentioned in some documentation somewhere, that can be set to place the
installation where you want it. Reading the file is recommended.

In general, it might not hurt to

	(a)	keep the FAQs online, in /usr/local/FAQ, and

	(b)	use this 'data base' to search for selected
		keywords, IE,

	% find /usr/local/FAQ -type f -exec grep '*keyword*' {} \; ...
		... -print |& more

This is neat because each time you do it you discover more possible keywords.

In general, this is a very good way to get a handle on problems, and can be
regarded as a kind of primitive hypertext, complementing the man pages' "-k"
flag. ( Don't expect the man pages to answer all the questions, BTW. It has
a few blind spots. Don't be afraid to do an "ls /usr/share/man/*/*keyword*". )

-- richard

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   richard childers        san francisco, california

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