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Date:      Tue, 24 Jul 2007 00:26:06 -0700
From:      Bruce Caruthers <>
Subject:   Re: Intel G965 chipset? (solved)
Message-ID:  <>
In-Reply-To: <>; from on Mon, Jul 23, 2007 at 05:03:19PM -0700
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And finally, now that it seems everything is working:

* Antony Mawer's backport diff (see freebsd-questions,
  19Mar2007, "Re: Can't see ATA drives with new install")
  worked well.  I now have all the packages from disc 2
  copied locally without any problems or errors.

* added
  to /boot/device.hints to make the default boot have
  ACPI disabled

Thanks to all, and hopefully this helps someone else
avoid all the headaches!

On Mon Jul 23, 2007, Bruce Caruthers wrote:
> Here's a followup, so anyone checking the archives
> will know what to do...  (and if it helps the group
> overall, even better)
> Much thanks to those who tried to help.  As I was
> running a Pentium on an Intel board, it never
> occurred to me to even look at the amd64 variant,
> until I realized the one guy with the same mobo who
> had posted with related problems (although able to
> install) mentioned he was using amd64, whereupon I
> checked my cpu and the FreeBSD/amd64 pages and
> discovered that it applied to my hardware.
> Downloaded amd64 and installed over ftp, and voila,
> my system runs!  Hooray!
> === System:
> Intel DG965WH mobo (G965 Express chipset, ICH8R)
> Pentium 4 (631) CPU
> 2 RAID-1 pairs of Hitachi 320GB SATA300 (ar0, ar1)
> Phillips DVR-109 DVD drive
> === Successful Install:
> * 6.2-RELEASE-amd64: booted from downloaded CD,
>   installed via ftp (would not let me even select
>   CD as media, which presumably would have failed
>   anyway, given the Marvell problem)
> * Will now apply Antony's pata patch, and see if
>   that new kernel makes everything work right.  If
>   nothing else, the system seems to be up and
>   running (only need CD for installs, all else is
>   headless use)
> === Failed Attempts:
> * 6.2-RELEASE-i386 failed to even begin the install,
>   despite trying all "beastie menu" boot options
> * 6.2-STABLE-i386-200706 failed to even begin the
>   install, despite trying all "beastie menu" boot
>   options
> * 7.0-CURRENT-i386-200706 appeared to install, but
>   never could complete booting (froze at different
>   dmesg output spots, depending on beastie boot
>   choice, but still never made it to a login)
> * 6.2-RELEASE-i386 via 7.0-CURRENT-i386 as installer,
>   (reconfigured in options settings to install 6.2
>   over ftp) -- in the hopes that being able to bypass
>   the CD/DVD drive would let me get up and running --
>   alas, still no joy, although got about as far as
>   7.0-CURRENT (i.e. appeared to install, but couldn't
>   actually use the system)

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