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Date:      13 Nov 2014 08:37:36 -0000
From:      "John Levine" <>
Subject:   Re: Small/Low Power Server Recommendation?
Message-ID:  <20141113083736.7746.qmail@ary.lan>
In-Reply-To: <20141112092112.GO8131@mordor.lan>

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In article <20141112092112.GO8131@mordor.lan> you write:
>On Mon, Nov 10, 2014 at 09:57:02AM -0800, Chris Maness wrote:
>> I am looking to replace a huge noisy old server that I have used for years
>> for my home business.  Looking for something inexpensive and relatively
>> small to replace it with.  Any recommendations guys/gals?

I bought a mini PC from these guys:

With a 60GB SSD and a reasonable amount of RAM (4GB? I'm on the other
side of the country and can't look) it was about $250.  Internally
it's a normal PC, plug in an Ethernet cable, boot the FreeBSD
installer from a USB stick and off you go.  It's fanless, small,
silent, and reliable.  I use it for the usual home server stuff.  I
had some 1 GB disk drives lying around so I bought a four drive ESATA
case and a PCI ESATA adapter card, and have a 3GB ZFS RAID.

I looked at Soekris but this was cheaper and required no kludgery to
set up since it has a normal screen adapter and USB for the keyboard.


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