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Date:      Sat, 20 Oct 2012 16:14:28 +0200
From:      "Christopher J. Ruwe" <>
To:        <>
Cc:        Patrick Lamaiziere <>
Subject:   Re: poudriere amassing fetch errors
Message-ID:  <>
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On Fri, 19 Oct 2012 22:29:51 +0200
Patrick Lamaiziere <> wrote:

> Le Sun, 14 Oct 2012 03:57:20 +0200,
> "Christopher J. Ruwe" <> a =C3=A9crit :
> Hello,
> > for some time I have noticed that poudriere bulk build amass fetch
> > errors, i.e., the corresponding distfile(s) cannot be fetched by the
> > build jail and I have to fetch these manually.
> >=20
> > Does anybody know a fix to this unnerving condition?
> I don't see this problem.
> Missing resolv.conf ?
> /usr/local/etc/poudriere.conf
> # By default the jails have no /etc/resolv.conf, you will need to set
> # REVOLV_CONF to a file on your hosts system that will be copied has
> # /etc/resolv.conf for the jail, except if you don't need it (using an
> http # proxy for example)
> RESOLV_CONF=3D/etc/resolv.conf

My apolgies for that absolutly crappy discription of the error I was
witnessing. Upon reading my post anew, I just do not know what hit me
posting that.

Anyways, I did not have a /etc/resolv.conf entry in my poudriere.conf,
as it has been working for some time without. The error was rather
byzanthine ... sometimes, the sources were fetched correctly, sometimes
not. Regrettably, I do not have any fetch error messages around any
more, so I cannot supply the information I should have included in my
first post.=20

Anyways, setting the entry in poudriere.conf seems to have solved the
issue. Interesting how any fetching could have occured without ...

Thanks and cheers,
Christopher J. Ruwe
TZ: 	    GMT + 2h
GnuPG/GPG:  0xE8DE2C14

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