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Date:      Fri, 14 Feb 2020 13:32:14 +0100
From:      David Demelier <>
Subject:   Re: Technological advantages over Linux
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Le 14/02/2020 à 13:16, Victor Sudakov a écrit :
> Not to start a flame war. A purely technical question: what
> technological advantages does the modern FreeBSD have over modern Linux?

In short:

- Jails ;
- ZFS ;
- Simplicity (not always the case though). Type mount on a fresh FreeBSD 
and a fresh Linux and admire that. Also applies to initial processes ;
- Documentation (not the best though, OpenBSD has the best doc out 
there) but all BSD have the most well documented stuff ;
- pf ;
- poudriere ;
- src.conf, make.conf and easy world rebuild ;
- LLVM instead of GCC.

But, not to denigrate Linux, also places where Linux kicks FreeBSD:

- ACPI ;
- ACPI ;
- ACPI ;
- Laptop support ;
- ACPI ;
- Modern features (or modern... I mean even the touchpad does not work 
out of the box usually): Wayland is still buggy ;
- Speed ;
- And, ACPI.

> Several yeas ago I would say ZFS was a killer feature, but now Linux has
> ZFS too, and AFAIK FreeBSD is going to migrate to Linux's ZFS
> implementation.

Linux has unofficial ZFS support, it's not in the kernel and it's a real 



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