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Date:      Sun, 18 Jan 2009 22:13:25 +0200
From:      Peter <>
Subject:   Re: fopen(/conf/config.xml): failed to open stream:
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Better ask these in pfsense forums. But PfSense do provide comfortable
web interface. Try using it.

Peter wrote:
>  Hello, I am not a regular user or networking expert; I work for a small
> non-profit that had a pfSense/FreeBSD firewall set up on a Soekris net4801.
> The person who set it up has disappeared. When moving our office today, I
> attempted to log on via a console cable to change the IP addresses, which I
> sort of know how to do, but it froze up and had to be hard-rebooted. Now,
> while it manages to boot all the way to the console setup menu, I receive
> the error:
>  Warning: fopen(/conf/config.xml): failed to open stream: No such file or
> directory in /etc/inc/ on line 149. Error: could not open xml
> input
>  Only the shell (#8), PfTop (9), and traffic logs (10) from the menu work;
> the rest return same error
>  The only thing I can see in the bootup that might be an issue is a line
> reading: pci0 
>  at device 18.1 (no driver attached)
>  and then later the same error for device 18.5, but I don't know if that
> was all there before the disaster  
>  I looked in the files named, but only know
> enough to follow the script
> for so long. I found some posts online about fstab and something not
> mounting, and had a look at that file. The only line in /etc/fstab  is
>  /dev/ufs/pfSense /ufs ro 1 1  
>  That probably doesn't help, but...  
>  If you have any ideas, please let me know. RIght now I am sleeping on the
> new office floor (don't live here) until it's fixed :)
>  -- 
>  BRC 
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