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Date:      2 Mar 2011 22:07:39 -0000
From:      John Levine <>
Subject:   Re: Fastest way to get an entire FBSD system back online?
Message-ID:  <20110302220739.27592.qmail@joyce.lan>
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>Is there something similar in the FBSD arena?...some form of "backing
>up" a server so that if a drive fails, upon replacement of the
>drive(s), the OS can be very quickly recovered from a backup (of some
>sort), or from an image, etc.?

I've found that if you make normal backups using dump to a USB disk
and keep an install CD handy, it's pretty quick to boot the CD,
partition and format the disk, and then restore.

It's not as automated as the Windows approach, but if you know what
you're doing it's mostly limited by the speed of the disks.  Use dump
rather than an image copy so you only restore what's actually in use.


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