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Date:      Fri, 14 Feb 2020 07:54:06 -0500
From:      Robert Huff <>
To:        tech-lists <>
Subject:   Re: some questions about disk partitioning and filesystems and booting
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tech-lists writes:

>  On Thu, Feb 13, 2020 at 07:06:54PM +0300, wrote:
>  >Now this is something I wanted to ask as well, as I didn't find 
>  >anything really describing what needs to be done for large (not really 
>  >so this days, 32 and higher) RAM systems -- I have a system with 64GB 
>  >RAM and adding a 64GB swap partition makes system unhappy (I don't 
>  >remember the exact message).  With minidumps and all, what size it 
>  >should be so that dump is guaranteed to be saved?
>  A while ago I tried this (one big swap partition) and experienced the same.
>  This is why I went with several swap partitions. I think the maximum swap as a
>  partition is 32GB and I'm guessing the reason it's like that is down to
>  some variable buried in the code.

	_If_ that's true, then it's a bug and needs to be fixed.  The
folks posting here may not need it ... but I find it hard to imagine
various organizations that use FreeBSD (or would like to) on hardcore
server hardware wouldn't find that a substantial liability.
	While this may be more suited to hackers@: can anyone here
confirm there is an encoded limit on swap space?


				Robert Huff

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