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Date:      Mon, 12 Jul 2004 19:04:37 +0100
From:      Bruce Cran <>
To:        "Daniel Eriksson" <>
Subject:   Re: Optimizing Current
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On 12 Jul 2004, at 17:49, Daniel Eriksson wrote:

> Bruce Cran wrote:
>> I think it's probably more about turning off malloc debugging
>> and using
>> a non-debug kernel.  To turn off malloc debugging, create a symlink
>> /etc/malloc.conf -> aj.   It's a broken link of course, but
>> it works -
>> see malloc(3) for more information.
> Is A and J turned on by default in CURRENT? I was under the impression 
> they
> were turned off by default if no symlink was present. Right or wrong?

 From the testing I've done, with no symlink present, printing out a 
malloc'd buffer results in a lot of 0xd0 s, while with a symlink 
pointing to 'aj' the memory was all 0s.   So it would seem that AJ is 
turned on by default in CURRENT.

Bruce Cran

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