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Date:      Tue, 20 Aug 1996 22:06:15 -0400
From:      Gary Chrysler <>
To:        Eric Yagerlener <>
Subject:   Re: Config crashes.  Kernel will not compile.
Message-ID:  <>
References:  <Pine.BSF.3.91.960820194556.257A-100000@localhost>

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Eric Yagerlener wrote:
> I have a 60 mhz Pentium with a Mercury Chipset.  8 megs of Ram and about
> 25 Megs worth of swap space.   I have FreeBSD version 2.1.0 with
> the generic kernel.  Whenever I try to run config, the program
> will run maybe 2 or 3 seconds, and then it will exit on signal 11.
> (Segmentation Fault.)  I thought that I might be running low on swap, so
> I tried booting up into the single user mode and tried again.  No change
> whatsoever occured.  (Instead it will call it a Memory Fault.)  Some
> people thought that I didn't have enough swap space period to compile a
> kernel.  I mounted an unused partition on the hard drive for use as swap
> and that brought the total to 50 megs.  Still, it didn't seem to make any
> difference.
> I don't know what else could cause trouble.  It could be that the chipset
> is too buggy to do kernel compiles.  Turning off all caching didn't seem
> to cure the problem.  Config could be corrupt, but I don't know how to
> verify that.  I did have great difficulty getting hold of and
> installing the kernel source codes.  I may have to try reinstalling
> them.
> Could anyone tell me if I'm on the right track?
> -- Eric

I had problems like this on a 486 and it turned out to be
wait state settings in CMOS.
Of course finding this after I had already replaced the SIMMS!

Now the machine is back on the original SIMMS and has been
running for several weeks without one problem!
Before I was lucky to make it through a kernel build!

Just thought I would throw it out there.. :)

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