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Date:      Wed, 7 Feb 1996 13:21:01 -0700 (MST)
From:      Barnacle Wes <>
Subject:   Re: X on 386sx
Message-ID:  <>

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On Tue, 6 Feb 1996, I stupidly admitted:
% Funny, I have a perfectly workable FreeBSD installation running on
% a 386sx/16, with 5 Meg RAM and a 100 Meg disk.  Of course, I took
% the time to read the installation instructions and do this without
% complaining to the world at large that sysinstall wouldn't do it
% for me.

Richard Lyon asked, in return:
> Are you running X windows on this machine?

I did once, from an NFS-mount.  Once I chucked the PS/2 mouse and
plugged in an old serial mouse, it worked OK.  This machine has a
256K VGA on the motherboard, and I have a 9" (yes, Martha, that's
*nine* inch) paper-white vga monitor on it.

It takes about 3 minutes for the Xserver to start, and another 2
or 3 minutes for XDM to come up.  I don't really use this, I just
wanted to try it.  ;^)

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