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Date:      Mon, 11 Sep 2017 09:59:49 -0400
From:      "Littlefield, Tyler" <>
To:        Anton Yuzhaninov <>,
Subject:   Re: help with condensing bsd
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On 9/8/2017 3:03 PM, Anton Yuzhaninov wrote:
> On 09/08/17 12:04, Littlefield, Tyler wrote:
>> I wish to create a smaller BSD as I have a vps with a minimal amount of
>> space.
> 1. Reducing kernel size.
> create custom config - add to it all you need (drivers, geom/netgraph
> modules e. t. c.) and add line
> makeoptions     NO_MODULES=yes
> only kernel will be build without modules.
> Kernel can be compressed using gzip -9
> 2. World.
> Simple way - just disable optional stuff via src.conf
> Read man src.conf and add knobs like
> e.t.c.
> to you src.conf
> Not all can be switched off via src.conf, but if you not building image
> for tiny embedded system a few extra Mb probably doesn't matter.
>> I know that I can buildworld and cut a lot of things out (does
>> anyone have a good example from where to start)?
>> My question is this: Once I buildworld and buildkernel, how do I package
>> these up? I have a few systems that need this new buildworld and
>> buildkernel, and i also want to replace the base iocage jail.
> Different options are possible.
> I use this way:
> On build host I run script [1]
> result of this script: files base.txz kernel.txz e. t. c.
> /usr/src/release/ can be used instead, but for me it was more
> easy to write own script than customize
> To upgrade OS on VPS I use shell script [2] which fetches this files and
> extracts them using tar. To upgrade files in /etc I currently use
> etcupdate (because mergemaster needs /usr/src).
> If you already have OS installed in this VPS you can install you custom
> build (and copy /etc/src.conf used for this build) and then run
> make delete-old && make delete-old-libs
> to delete switched off parts (but you will need /usr/src for this task).

To bad there's not a way to do this without /usr/src. If you just extract this new system over your current system, how does that get rid of things you removed? For example I got rid of bluetooth and various other things that I don't want installed.

 Also you can save space by not keeping /usr/ports and installing binary
packages. If custom options are need you will have to run own package
repo using poudriere.

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