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Date:      Sun, 12 Aug 2012 08:40:57 -0400
From:      Fbsd8 <>
Cc:, blackfriar <>
Subject:   Re: NFS within a Jail?!
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Found this which I think says it all at the conclusion.

March 30th, 2012
Received some information from the FreeBSD mailing list and apparently 
exporting NFS from an jailed environment is not possible. For those who 
have "managed" (by heavy tweaking of sysctl.conf) to export the NFS 
probably have these concerns: 1) Security may have been compromised on 
their own jails as a result of tweaks and 2) Even if you manage to 
export the NFS share under such strained boundary conditions, it may 
cause problems in some of the application's you would like to use (eg: 
tinderbox) finally, 3) If you try to use net/unfs3 and succeed to export 
NFS, this will not have a very fast (ro) transport rate and will have 
many (rw) speed limitations.

My personal conclusion is to wait until the default kernel version of 
nfs is updated to be jail-friendly before I try using nfs in jails.

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