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Date:      Tue, 07 Feb 2012 08:29:17 -0500
From:      Steve Bertrand <>
To:        Henry Olyer <>
Cc:        FreeBSD Mailing List <>
Subject:   Re: on hammer's, security, and centrifuges...
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On 2012.02.07 07:03, Henry Olyer wrote:

> Look, I'm going to use FreeBSD as long as both it and I am around, it's
> just the best choice for me, for my user's.  But we need to improve
> security.

I'm very happy with the security and stability of FreeBSD, and praise 
the sec team and contributors to make it so.

I've run literally hundreds of FreeBSD boxes, mostly in a busy ISP 
environment since 4.3, and never have been hacked after normal system 
protections are in place.

> For now, until I remake my laptop, I'm going to disable the ath0 wireless.
> How?  What's the best method to make certain that my wireless chip is
> turned off?

Comment out the configuration lines for the ath interface in rc.conf, or 
to remove it completely, recompile the kernel after removing 'device ath'.

> Or is this something best accomplished with a hammer?

For the overly paranoid.

> Is their something I can do that would help the FBSD security people?

Document how your security suggestions will rectify the problem you 
perceive, file PRs, then write patches. You are after all a developer :)


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