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Date:      Sun, 6 Jun 1999 22:46:19 -0700
From:      "David Schwartz" <>
To:        "Craig Burgess" <>, <>
Subject:   RE: Reboot during make world
Message-ID:  <000101beb0a9$112bd740$>
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	As everyone, including me, suspected mine was a hardware problem. Although
I had checked it previously, I didn't check closely enough. The CPU fan was
still spinning, but the plastic tab on the CPU socket that it engaged had
cracked off, allowing a angular gap to form between the CPU and the heat

	After I fixed that, the machine went back to being as reliable as usual.

	95% chance it's a heat or memory problem. Triple check everything heat
related. Go through the BIOS and put everything to safe settings. Maybe even
swap out the memory or remove half of it, test, then swap halves.


> Alfred Perlstein wrote:
> [large snip]
> > > Internal compiler error: program cc1 got fatal signal 11
> > > *** Error code 1
> > >
> >
> > [snip]
> >
> > > ----------------
> > >
> > >       I realize that this is not enough information to track
> down a problem that
> > > is most likely just hardware. But I'm posting this in case it
> means anything
> > > to anyone. If it repeats itself, I'll try to get some debug info.
> >
> > 99.999999% sure you have a heating problem.  heating problems can
> > spontaniously develop, *pointing at p120 who's fan failed one day*
> I don't know...  My CPU fan is working.
> My latest attempt at 'make buildworld' failed with a SIGNAL 10 (which I
> haven't been able to identify) -- and otherwise the internal compiler
> error shown above.  The procedure seems to fail at a different place
> every time.  (It's running now -- and has been for at least an hour.)
> The previous attempt failed after about 15 minutes.  Last week it
> churned for about 5 hours before falling down. (It's a P5 120 w/128MB of
> RAM and UW-SCSI).
> I even tried 'make cleandir' which was suggested in someone elses post.
> That worked (suppose), but buildworld didn't. FWIW, I've cvsup'd src=all
> before each attempt.
> Additional suggestions would be welcome. If this attempt succeeds I
> won't know why.
> Craig

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