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Date:      Mon, 26 Jan 2004 22:31:13 +0200
From:      "Reko Turja" <>
To:        <>, "Jason Williams" <>
Subject:   Re: Question about Postfix + Cyrus-IMAPD
Message-ID:  <05c901c3e44b$576e4370$0a06a8c0@rekon>
References:  <>

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From: "Jason Williams" <>
To: <>

> I've been able to get Postfix and Cyrus to gel correctly with my
> testing. However, I have a question about one thing that continues
to pop
> up my my message logs.
> Jan 26 09:48:19 obsidian postfix/smtpd[6562]: OTP unavailable
because can't
> read/write key database /etc/opiekeys: Permission denied
> Anyone care to shed a little light as to why this was initially
showing up?

Cyrus (os SASL to be exact) tries to use OPIE as the loginmethod of
choice. (It's more secure plaintext method as sending the "real"
password over the net. Of course if you use TLS sending plaintext
password is small concern.

If you are not using/going to use OPIE there are several methods how
to get rid of these messages.

a) Just delete everything wchich name contains OPIE in
b) Build SASL using the "WITHOUT_OTP=yes" knob

In fact its a good idea to read through the main Makefile on the SASL
directory in the ports and disable the unneeded athorisation methods
using the port knobs.


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