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Date:      Sun, 18 Aug 1996 20:14:29 -0400
From:      C Matthew Curtin <>
To:        Allan Torrey <>
Subject:   Re: fbsd security
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>>>>> "Allan" == Allan Torrey <> writes:

Allan> Would like to hear suggestions re security (on-line catelog
Allan> ordering and credit card payment) software for freebsd.  Your
Allan> reccomendations ...

There is very little shrink-wrapped software available in this area
currently, for any OS. The most promising of things that I've seen so
far is Netscape's LivePayment system, but I don't believe that there
is a FreeBSD-compatible version ready yet. You might want to try and
contact someone at Netscape to find out any status on this.

I've been playing with it for Solaris, and it looks very interesting

If you're looking for immediate functionality, I would look into
Apache-SSL or Netscape's Commerce Server. (I don't know about commerce
server's availability on FreeBSD, though.) This will provide the basic
framework that you need which will allow secure, authenticated
connection between SSL-capable clients and your server, at which
point, you'll need to do some CGI work in order to take care of the
rest of the system. This month's issue of Dr. Dobb's Journal
( has an article on developing a Perl-based
shopping cart.

Hope that gets you going in the right direction.

C Matthew Curtin        MEGASOFT, LLC        Director, Security Architecture
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