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Date:      Wed, 06 May 1998 17:02:24 -0700
From:      John Polstra <>
Cc:        current@FreeBSD.ORG
Subject:   Re: What have you CVSupped?
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In article <000301bd7866$e5fc81d0$>,
Pierre Y. Dampure <> wrote:

> Hmmm. Third attempt at compiling cvsup (ie. modula-3, ie. modula-3-lib..)
> today and, despite the fact that I am running current and built world last
> night, it still fails.
> Now... if I want to report this, what would be really nice is a way to say
> to JDP: I have CVSupped everything up to 13:14 this morning, and it still
> fails; more exactly, it would be nice to say: I have CVSupped everything up
> to THIS tag that was given to me by when I finished, and
> it fails (since I just got a delta that dated back to February, I assume I
> cannot rely on a time stamp to indicate the exact delta level I'm at).
> Is there any way (save mailing the whole of your CVSup tree) to do so? if
> not, couldn't we tag-stamp the system so that said info can be mailed to
> whoever will be looking at a problem report?

Are you reporting (a) that you can't build CVSup, or (b) that you
can't make world, or (c) something else?  If (a), I'll need some

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