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Date:      Sat, 16 Dec 2006 21:23:14 -0600
From:      Dan Nelson <>
To:        JAMES T RIENDEAU <>
Subject:   Re: Translate job number from atq to commands that will run
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In the last episode (Dec 16), JAMES T RIENDEAU said:
> Does anybody know how I could translate the job # into the commands  
> that will run from the output of the atq command?  For example, here  
> is my current atq:
> Date				Owner	Queue	Job #
> Mon Dec 18 09:00:00 CST 2006	root	c	34
> Sat Jan  6 09:00:00 CST 2007	root	c	47
> I checked the /var/at/spool and /var/at/jobs, but it isn't obvious  
> which job is scheduled to run when.

"at -c n" will list the commands to be run for job n.

The filenames in /var/at/jobs are of the format "qnnnnntttttttt", where
q is the queue, n is the job number in hex, and t is the time the job
is scheduled in hex (in minutes from the Epoch, so multiply by 60 to
get the more-standard seconds from Epoch).  For more info, see at at
manpage and /usr/src/usr.bin/at/at.c .

	Dan Nelson

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