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Date:      Sun, 03 Nov 1996 16:56:55 -0800
From:      David Greenman <>
To:        Suresh Rao <>
Subject:   Re: Help requested for FreeBSD site experiencing 'fsck' errors 
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>We are an organisation running FreeBSD 2.0 for our Web servers. We have 
>been experiencing errors reported by the 'fsck' utility during a nightly 
>integrity run for a while, and we would like to correct these errors but 
>are unsure whether this will cause any instability in the servers. The 
>nightly run automatically says 'no' to all fsck questions. The servers 
>appear to be running normally but the number of errors seems to be 
>increasing. Errors are of types such as 'CLEAN FLAG IS WRONG IN 
>We would like any information relating to the correction of 'fsck' 
>errors, and your advice as to whether it should be safe to say 'yes' to 
>all of the 'fsck' prompts for corrections.

   The nightly run of "fsck" was a mistake. Please comment it out in your
/etc/daily script. That has been removed in later versions of FreeBSD (which I
strongly recommend that you upgrade to - 2.0 was very buggy). Running fsck
on an active filesystem will always generate various errors and thus tells
you nothing.


David Greenman
Core-team/Principal Architect, The FreeBSD Project

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