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Date:      Sun, 29 Jun 1997 20:16:51 +0100
From:      Brian Somers <>
Cc:        questions@FreeBSD.ORG
Subject:   Re: user PPP and BIND 
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> Hi,
> i have some trouble with user PPP (dial on demand) and BIND (named)
> on a 2.2.1 box.
> I am going to run my own nameserver for a local network.
> Another reason is, that sendmail complains the dynamic IP-address
> I've got from my provider after a connect.
> Running the nameserver helps a lot, sendmail now gets a hostname
> for the IP address without redialing to the provider.
> In my host.conf file i have:
>   hosts
>   bind
> My resolv.conf looks like:
>   nameserver my_ip_address
>   nameserver my_providers_ip_address
> When booting, the system 'hangs' for a long time after the network
> devices have been configured. It not really hangs, it tries to resolv
> the addresses of the static routes. (route thor.wnet localhost etc.)
> I thought that it should use the hosts file instead, because named is
> not running at that early time.
> The only way to bring it to normal behavior is to comment out my own
> nameserver from resolv.conf.
> What is wrong ?

Experiment with your entries in /etc/hosts - you may need to put a
'.' at the end of the name, so for example, if I am x.y.z, on IP
i.i.i.i, I'd need

i.i.i.i x.y.z. x.
i.i.i.i x.y.z x

Having said that, you're better off always using IP numbers in
rc.conf - never names.

> Thanks,
> Henning
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