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Date:      Tue, 28 Dec 1999 09:22:05 -0800
From:      Kent Stewart <>
Subject:   Re: Problem with installation
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> I am attempting to install the FreeBSD Powerpack (ver 3.3) on a HP Pavilion
> 4483 with a 433 mHz Celeron, 96 megs RAM, and a 32x APTAI CD-ROM.  Although I
> boot from the CD, I cannot finish the installation because I get the error
> "No CD-ROM device found" --- exactly as detailed in the book... please help!

If you search the archives, you will find a number of people with the
same problem. They all got past it and were able to install FreeBSD. I
am going on memory but it seems like most of them had a bad hardware
configuration. The CDROM was configured as a slave instead of a
primary device. That is a jumper setting on the CDROM. Some may have
found that they needed the Primary device to be the HD and have the
CDROM as the slave on the primary IDE channel.

> This is my first time using FreeBSD, although I own RedHat Linux 5.2 and 6.1
> and TurboLinux 4.0, and I am "upgrading" to stay "current."  Your rapid reply
> is appreciated and will prevent me from returning the CompUSA for a refund.

I was lucky on my first install because I had someone that had been
using *BSD since 386BSD. They helped me through the novice install. I
did a Linux install first but it didn't come close to the Unix feel
that I had gotten used to over the last 10-12 years and then tried
FreeBSD 2.2.8. I still have the Linux install on the HD that I removed
from my system.

Good luck,


> Thanks,
> Charles
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