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Date:      Wed, 23 Oct 1996 10:16:07 +0000
From:      Darius Moos <>
To:        freebsd-hackers <>
Cc:        FreeBSD-questions <>
Subject:   Is this network possible with FreeBSD ???
Message-ID:  <>

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i have an urgent problem with the network-setup of FreeBSD.
I've set up FreeBSD-2.1.0 for a company (I never set up an other OS
for any company). I was gave permission, to trash their linux and
install FreeBSD-2.1.0 instead. The installation went fine but now
i am running into a problem with their network-configuration.
Their ISP (a real linux-fetishist) says "FreeBSD is TOO BRAINDAMAGED
to handle this problem". I do not think so. The network-configuration
is pictured below. Also more details are written below.
Now my problem (maybe I AM braindamaged):
  1. How to ifconfig the ether-device of the FreeBSD-box ?
  2. How to set up the routing of the FreeBSD-box ?
so that the FreeBSD-box acts as a mail- and WWW-proxy gateway for the
company's private network.

                  | FreeBSD-2.1.0 |
                  ||   NE 2000   ||
                  || ||
                  || ||
                 || NE 2000       ||
                 || ||
                 ||    ||
                 |                 |
                 |         +-------+
                 | Router  | ISDN  o------------o ISP  1.2.3.x
                 |         +-------+
                 |                 |
                 || 100 MBit      ||
                 || ||
                 ||   100 MBit  ||
                 || ||
                 |               |
                 |  192.168.3.x  |

The linux that i have trashed had no problems with this configuration
BUT i do not know how to ifconfig the network device of the FreeBSD-
machine and how to setup the correct routing. The FreeBSD-machine
should be known with a registered IP in the internet. I've replaced the
real registered IP with All the other machines (except the
router) in the company should run only on the private network The FreeBSD-machine should be the email and WWW-proxy
gateway for the private company network.
The problem so far:
- When i ifconfig the network-card of the FreeBSD-machine with
  "ifconfig ed0 inet netmask 0xffffffff", the is not reachable and therefor unknown to the routing.
- I can not use a netmask of 0xffffff00 for the ether-device of the
- When i ifconfig the ether-device of the FreeBSD-box with
  "ifconfig ed0 inet netmask 0xffffff00" and
  "ifconfig ed0 inet netmask 0xffffffff alias"
  the outgoing packets never come back, since the FreeBSD-box sends
  its packets with src of
What i would need is a
  ifconfig ed0 inet netmask 0xffffffff
  ifconfig ed0 inet netmask 0xffffffff alias
  route add -net 1.2.3  ed0
but ether-devices as destination in the route-statement are not allowed.
Under the linux this was possible (the ISP says).
Now this situation is braindamaged itself, but this does not count as
argument to the boss of this company. The boss had a running system
with this network-configuration and he stands on the point that this
has to be possible or the OS (FreeBSD) is not the right OS so far.
Please please help me with this network-setup, so i can prove, that
FreeBSD IS the right OS for all networking.
BTW: this mail is closely related to my other mail about FreeBSD-support
     for HP-10/100-VG or Compex 100VG network-cards.

Many thanks for all your help in advance.

Darius Moos.



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