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Date:      Sun, 13 Jul 1997 12:39:44
From:      "John Drake" <>
Subject:   getty
Message-ID:  <>

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recently i tried to  set my system upp so that i could dial into it.
getty came as part of the system but i could not get it to work right.

so i got mgetty instead (which was very easy to set up,,even for me!).
but i was wondering,,getty is loaded everytime that i boot,,even 
though i dont use it.anyone know what file initializes getty???

i tried /etc/rc but it wasnt that one.
id really appreciate any help,,im afraid that having both of them 
initialize at boot may screw up everything!

the only problem that i had with mgetty is that it wont let me dial 
anyone know if you are supposed to be able to dial out when mgetty is 
installed??(or did i  just mess up some where??)


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