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Date:      Thu, 25 Aug 2011 06:56:29 +0200
From:      Michael Cardell Widerkrantz <>
Subject:   Re: Dvorak keyboard (Spanish)
Message-ID:  <>
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Alvaro Castillo <>, 2011-08-25 02:25 (+0200):

> Can add Dvorak spanish variant for syscons?



to your home directory.

Start the editor of your choice and edit the file to add the keys you
need for a Spanish keyboard.

If you're uncertain what keycode a certain key generates, use the
misc/kbdscan port [1] to find out.

When you're done editing load the new keyboard with 

  kbdcontrol -l your-spanish-dvorak.kbd

When you're satisfied you can copy the file to 


and edit rc.conf and add 


If everything works out right you can think about using send-pr(1) or

and send the new keyboard layout to be included in FreeBSD.

[1] I wrote the program but I didn't submit it to ports. I would have
gone for the sysutils category, I think.

Happy hacking,

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