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Date:      Thu, 28 Mar 96 19:46:22 +0000
Subject:   Re: dropping a Free BSD machine on a Novell 3.1.1. network
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> Does anyone know how to add a UNIX machine (Free BSD) to a Novell 3.1.1
> network
> at minimal cost?  The network hardware include Thin Ethernet.  The machine
> needs
> to be able to communicate with these DOS/Windows based PCs (i.e. mail,
> etc.).

If you want an easy life, ignore the Novell 3.1.1 aspect of this.  The various Netware<->Unix solutions from Novell all appear to have problems, even when the Unix in question is Unixware.  I have customers who insist on doing this, and complain when running our software on SCO Unix (data files NFS-mounted from a Netware server) causes the Netware box to crash.  And for a different customer we have had to insert code that writes to files, closes the file, and then checks that the file is the same length as it was when we closed it - random chunks typically going missing in the middle of a chain of sequential writes - this with Netware server and Unixware client (using Netware protocols rather than NFS in this case).

Moving from unrecomended solutions to ones that work, the easiest solution would be if you run (or can run) WfWG 3.11 or Win 95 on the PCs - using that with Microsoft TCP/IP (included in '95, available from for 3.11) and Samba at the FreeBSD end will give you good file sharing if you need it, and you can also run Winsock applications such as POP3/IMAP mail clients.

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