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Date:      Fri, 22 Apr 2011 06:42:36 +0200
From:      Polytropon <>
To:        Antonio Olivares <>
Cc:        FreeBSD Questions <>
Subject:   Re: can't determine sound card driver to use in /etc/rc.conf
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On Thu, 21 Apr 2011 23:02:27 -0500, Antonio Olivares <> wrote:
> This is on mt TODO list, I was going to try and swap another dvd drive
> (SATA) which is my suspicion :(

"Cross-testing" would always be good - especially as you've
mentioned an "impossible" behaviour, i. e. mounting a DVD
causes a system reboot.

> I'd think I'd have to agree :(, the damn dvd drive, it is new but old
> IDE does not work as well as SATA.

I can't confirm that. In my machine which is more than
7 years old now, I'm using (P)ATA / ATAPI stuff only
(because it doesn't have any SATA inside), and it keeps
working as intended. Still it may be possible that
"modern" hardware doesn't play that good anymore. :-)

If possible, just try a different DVD drive, as you've
eleminated the reason "bad DVD" already.

> I have a /etc/devfs.conf file with the following:
> # Commonly used by many ports
> link    acd0    cdrom
> link    acd0    dvd
> # Allow all users to access CD’s
> perm /dev/acd0 0666
> perm /dev/acd1 0666
> perm /dev/cd0 0666
> perm /dev/cd1 0666
> # Allow all USB Devices to be mounted
> perm /dev/da0 0666
> perm /dev/da1 0666
> perm /dev/da2 0666
> perm /dev/da3 0666
> perm /dev/da4 0666
> # Misc other devices
> perm /dev/pass0 0666
> perm /dev/xpt0 0666
> perm /dev/agpart 0666
> perm /dev/uscanner0 0666

Fully okay. So the reason "wrong permissions" is also out
of scope now.

> VLC did not play the dvds either, took a while to compile it(for
> troubleshooting this dvd problem).  I like both players just to be
> honest.

I really think it's the drive. Also make sure that the
codecs are installed. If you're on x64, try to use the
COMPAT32 facility. As I'm not owning x64 at home, I sadly
can't be more specific about this idea.

> I have a similar amd64 machine that does play mostly everything in it,
> but I installed mplayer differently
> # pkg_add -r mplayer

This installs mplayer with the default options which may
not be optimal in some situations, especially if it's
illegal in one's country to watch DVDs. :-)

> ** had problems with KDE and lib???.so not working and startx refused
> to work, last time I used ports.

I always use ports for this. Although I'm a big fan of
precompiled packages, mplayer and gmencoder are the tools
I *insist* on building from source, both with a custom
Makefile.local that defines ALL the codecs I want, which
is _all_ of them. :-)

> *However* that machine has SATA cables not IDE like this one, this is
> my take on the issue.  If  i install/try a SATA dvd drive, it will
> work*

Really, try a different drive, and if you can, also try
different cables, just to make sure it's NOT the cables
causing trouble.

Magdeburg, Germany
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