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Date:      Sat, 11 Mar 1995 21:00:46 +0000 ()
From:      Chris Madison <>
Subject:   vm_pageout -- out of swap
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Hello all,

In the past three weeks I have been installing 2.0R and MANY
ports!  I was running Linux with the then latest kernel patch.

I have a 30M swap space and 8M of ram.  I am having a problem
of running out of vm.  Mostly while I am in X and have a few
processes running.  Just now I had slip, netscape, 3 xterms, axe,
and clock active while ft was extracting.  When directing netscape to 
another page, it was killed bye running out of vm:-(

A vmstat right after produces:

 procs   memory     page                    disks      faults      cpu
 r b w   avm   fre  flt  re  pi  po  fr  sr f0 w0 w1   in   sy  cs us sy id
 0 3 0 69924    68   30   3   4   2  34 273  0  0 151  550   84  56 21  9 70
Should that many process take up all of vm???  At boot up time
swap is "turned on", or at least the message says it is.
Is there something more I can do, besides buying more mem
at this time:-)

-----------------------------------------------------------    |   Tippy is now running      |          FreeBSD             |            2.0

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