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Date:      Wed, 6 Nov 1996 23:55:07 +1030 (CST)
From:      Peter Childs <>
Subject:   Re: PPP ondemand connects but PPP doesn't start
Message-ID:  <>

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In article <> you wrote:
: I can connect via PPP when I dial out from term and the traffic flows
: fine.
: I have a script which only works after I have established a connection
: through term and then disconnected. I have gone over the script again
: and again and searched many archives. I am confident my script works. If
: I run the script it dials and establishes a connection but, ppp never
: goes to PPP.I get no errors and I know I am connected to my PPP dialin
: server. If I establish a connection through term it works fine and PPP
: comes up when I do ~p and if I close out and then run my script it
: establishes a connection and PPP comes up fine. If I run the script
: without establishing a connection through term It connects but, ppp
: never comes up. I am trying to get the auto to work but until I get my
: script to work auto never will.

 Find a copy of the translated ppp docs (from japanese to english)
 and there is something in there about configuring your end to
 actively initiate the ppp connection (otherwise both ends are probably
 just sitting their vegging waiting for LCP to start)


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