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Date:      Sat, 18 Aug 2012 03:43:58 +0200
From:      Polytropon <>
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Subject:   Re: doc
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On Fri, 17 Aug 2012 13:17:42 +0400, иван кузнецов wrote:
> how to open RU_FREEBSD_DOC_20111014.TBZ under windows?

The file is a tar archive compressed with BZip2. It's no real
surprise that "Windows" cannot natively handle it, as with many
established standard formats. :-)

> several program cant,i was attempt.7zip cant.

It's not a 7zip archive; still the 7zip page on
mentions that the BZip2 format is supported.

However, there's BZip2 available for "Windows", maybe this
can help you:

There are also claims that "WinRAR" is able to extract BZip2

> why i not able read documentation BEFORE install?

I'd refer to the documentation presented on FreeBSD's web page.
You can easily create a local copy of the HTML subtree using
wget (and yes, there's WGET.EXE even for "Windows").

The most important pages are:

Check out FreeBSD's main web page for language selection. Here
you can find a russian translation of all those documents:

Again, it's possible to make a local copy of them which you could
carry on a USB stick or CD for further reference.

> where it after install?

It will be installed into /usr/doc, containing the language variants
and formats.

> second,you installer is not well, not very undersandingable for newbis.

I don't think so. It's very precise in wording and easy to use.
You just have to read what's on the screen and answer accordingly.
A help function is also included.

> i mean user must hit tab in some dialogs,but he press enter - 
> attempt please.

The keyboard support is explained in the first help pages. It's
also mentioned in the Handbook which one should read before or
even while performing the install (if one is unsure about how
the interface works).

> it is not MISTAKE but look mysteriously,and user worry.

That's quite possible. :-)

Users feeling unhappy with the FreeBSD installer often tend
to prefer PC-BSD with its GUI installer and a more lengthly
"step by step" guide through the installation with much more
interactivity and user attention. As this interface can be
used with a mouse, the distinction between TAB and ENTER is
not that important anymore.

> you shoud do only one small step in order to do freebsd more
> frendly - publish full international docs on install dvd --
> user only put dvd and see docs in browser.

How is a user supposed to have a browser available when putting
the CD into a system he wants to install it on, with _nothing_
on the hard disk?

I agree that the documentation could be accessible via a web
browser from the install media when used in a _different_ computer,
and maybe it should also be accessible in text form during an
early stage of the installer.

However, the purpose of an installation medium is to install
something. The installer does exactly that.

> its simpler than rewriting os in order to div it more frendly.

The OS has basically nothing to do with its installer or the
way help is presented to the user. This is done by programs,
_those_ could be extended or changed.

> is it true flash work badly or after complex work?

No. Outdated stuff like "Flash" can be quickly and easily installed,
and it works reliably and stable.

> i cant write on my writemaster dvd drive with freebsd9 - brasero
> dont see drive.

Can you provide more information, e. g. what model, how connected,
output of dmesg and so on? Please check the Handbook regarding the
use of optical media. Start with "low level diagnostics" (i. e.
use OS tools to first check if the drive is detected and attached
to the correct driver), in a next step maybe check your Gnome
and Brasero configuration. If it fails, try a command line tool.
Those are typically easier to use and more comfortable.

> what you can say about it? with best regards,ivan,Russia,Moscow.


Magdeburg, Germany
Happy FreeBSD user since 4.0
Andra moi ennepe, Mousa, ...

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