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Date:      Tue, 16 Nov 1999 08:29:04 +0900
From:      "Tony Tidswell" <>
To:        <>
Subject:   PPP and NAT question
Message-ID:  <000101bf2fc1$36d22ac0$0d00a8c0@digitalzoo>

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A newbie question re PPP and NAT. I am attempting to set up a FreeBSD server
as a firewall router. My first step is to get internal Win clients accessing
the internet via PPP on the server before configuring routing rules.

I seem to have both PPP and PPPd working from the server (able to ping
external servers
happily) but cannot get clients on the LAN to go through the server. I have
using the -alias option for user PPP and natd with PPPd. The routing tables
under netstat -rn look ok as does the interface config info under
ifconfig -a. The Win 98 box has the gateway IP address pointing to the
server IP. Win clients use DHCP and WINS running on and NT 4 server.

The rc.conf file includes:
defaultrouter = NO

The /etc/ppp/options file has:

The ppp.conf file has dummy IPs enabled with
set ifaddr 127.1.1./0
add 0 0
alias enable yes
enable dns

and the ppp.linkup has:
delete ALL
add 0 0 HISADDR
add  0 0 HISADDR

Am I missing any settings with either PPP/PPPd approaches? Any suggestions
Please reply by mail.

Tony Tidswell

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