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Date:      Tue, 13 Jan 2009 11:58:25 -0800 (PST)
From:      T D <>
Subject:   Re: FreeBSD 7.0 Installation error
Message-ID:  <>

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This is a listing of my hardware, I probably should have listed it in my ea=
rlier post.

Motherboard: A7N8X-E Deluxe
socket A (462)
Chipset: Northbridge: NVIDIA nforce2 spp ultra400
Southbrdige nvidia nforce2 MCP-T

memory ddr 184pin (maximum of 3x184)
I have kingston kvr400x64c3ak 512mb pc3200 (two pieces)=C2=A0 ram installed=

on board audio: mcp-t southbridge + realtec alc50 6channel audio codec

networking: Marvell 88e8001 gigibit, mcp-t southbridge controller mac + rea=
ltec 8201BL phy

1394: mcp-t southbridge ieee 1394a controller + realtec 8801BL phy

internal=0Aconnectors: usb2 connectors, games/midi, 2 ide, 20pin atx power,=
 2=0Asata, 2 1394, 5 pci, 1 asus propriety wi-fi slot and a couple others.

Hard drive is a Western Digital WD2000jb ide caviar 200GB

optical drive: asus drw-1604p
(jumper cap is on cable select at the moment.
However there are five rows of pins, three are cable select, master and sec=
ondary, no idea what the other two are)

Graphics card is an asus A9600 series AGP ati=20

From=0Awhat I remember seeing fly by on the screen last night the majority =
of=0Athe motherboard parts were detected including the rear panel connector=
s=0Awhich I did not list (if you want me to list those, let me know).

Hope this helps.

--- On Tue, 13/1/09, T D <> wrote:

From: T D <>
Subject: FreeBSD 7.0 Installation error
Received: Tuesday, 13 January, 2009, 11:04 PM

Hi people,

Hi people,
I am Tom and I have been attempting to install FreeBSD 7.0 from a dvd.
I put the dvd in the drive and boot, the boot screen appears with the optio=
ns default, acpi disabled, safe mode, etc, I then select default.
The hardware probing/detecting scrolls by and then comes to a halt with the=
 following line:

GEOM_LABLE: Lable for provider acd0 is is09660/FreeBSD 7.

I have also on other boot attempts tried acpi disabled, safe mode with the =
same outcome.
Have selected single user on another attempt and sysinstall program boots, =
after going through setting up the hard drive and paritions durring the ins=
tall of the os the following error occurs numerous times:

Write failure on transfer!
(write 0 bytes of 1425408 bytes) 100%

Just wondering if this has occured to any one else and how they got around =
Look forward to replys, thanks


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