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Date:      Wed, 6 Dec 1995 14:01:28 -0600 (CST)
From:      "Matthew L. Massie" <>
Subject:   Modem Dialup
Message-ID:  <>

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I am trying to set-up my Practical Peripherals 14400FX V.32bis modem on 
/dev/ttyd1 to accept incoming calls and I am very close.  
I configured the non-volatile memory of modem as follows...
This information may be useful for others who try to configure a PP14400FX:
CD asserted when connected    ===>   AT&C1
DTR asserted for operation; 
dropping DTR hangs up line  
& resets modem                ===>   AT&D1
CTS/RTS data flow enabled     ===>   AT&K3
Disabled XON/XOFF             ===>   Factory Default (K4 to enable)
Quiet mode (no result codes)  ===>   ATQ1
No command echo               ===>   ATE or ATE1
Auto answer after 3 rings     ===>   AT&S0=3
I used "MAKEDEV /dev/ttyd1" to make the device (it is set to COM2);
The devices where created with the proper permissions.
I chose to use a Matching-Speed Configuration and added the following
to my /etc/gettytab:
vm|VH300|Very High Speed Modem at 300,8-bit:\
vn|VH1200|Very High Speed Modem at 1200,8-bit:\
vo|VH2400|Very High Speed Modem at 2400,8-bit:\
vp|VH9600|Very High Speed Modem at 9600,8-bit:\
vq|VH19200|Very High Speed Modem at 19200,8-bit:\
vr|VH57600|Very High Speed Modem at 57600,8-bit:\
I modified the necessary line in my /etc/ttys to read:
ttyd1   "/usr/libexec/getty VH57600"    vt100   on
Since all my users presently use vt100
I then modified my /etc/rc.serial to read:
modem() {
        Modem that supports CTS and perhaps RTS handshaking.
        for i in $*
                # may depend on modem
                #comcontrol /dev/ttyd$i dtrwait 100 drainwait 180
                # Lock crtscts on.
                stty -f /dev/ttyid$i crtscts
                stty -f /dev/cuaia$i crtscts
                # Original text to follow
		# Speed reasonable for V42bis.
		#stty </dev/ttyid$i crtscts 57600
                #stty </dev/ttyld$i crtscts
                #stty </dev/cuaia$i crtscts 57600
                #stty </dev/cuala$i crtscts
modem 1
I did a "kill -1 1" to HUP init
When I do a ps ax I see the following running from user root...
 1984  ??  IW     0:00.04 /usr/libexec/getty VH57600 ttyd1
When I try to dial-up:
	* I get a "FreeBSD" plus a random assortment of characters
	* When I type my login "matt" I immediately get a Password:
	  prompt (that's good).
	* If (I type the wrong password) 
		I get a new login: prompt;
		I see what appears to be the usual .login processing but 
		with random letters missing;
	* When I get my pseudo-prompt and type "finger" it shows the 
          right output but with missing letters and line feeds do not 
          seem to work.
	* When I get my prompt again and type "exit" it logs me out.
I am so close and would appreciate any help that anyone can give. 
Matt Massie

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